Oct 092014
Technology woes and a new title

Everything has broken. Well, okay, not quite everything. My Kindle is old and slow with a cracked case, but I can still read things on it so long as I give it time to find them first. My phone is working, yay! My netbook has the screen hanging off by one hinge. After the other hinge broke, the keyboard stopped working and then the wireless adapter stopped working. It had been waiting for a trip to the Tip Of Doom. Until yesterday when my main work laptop died. Utterly, completely died. No lights, no sound, no action. You may imagine [read more]

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Sep 272014
Yarny Yarn Yarndale!

I have just got back from a very mini mini-break. This involved a lovely spa day yesterday (lovely except for the two women who insisted on having loud conversations in the Quiet Room with Serenity Pool. My irritation at their noisiness adversely affected my serenity.) And then I stayed at a B&B last night and treated myself to dinner at an Indian restaurant (yum, yum, yum). Breakfast this morning was possibly the worst cooked breakfast I have ever had. And my expectations had been so high that it really was a huge disappointment. But I soon got over it because [read more]

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Sep 112014

In a discussion about romance novel covers last week, someone asked why they couldn’t have beautiful covers like some of the ones on this page. I pointed out the need for the covers to carry the right genre signals and to be affordable. But then I thought, why not? So here are some possible new covers for a couple of my books: And here’s one that I actually think I might use: It’s for the anthology of short stories I’m planning to publish later this month. I thought I might try putting it out in two different editions – the [read more]

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Sep 012014
Not My Field

There’s an immovable object: Mike’s dairy farm in Somerset isn’t going anywhere. And there’s an irresistible force: university lecturer, Carla, who has brought so much fun and joy into his life over the last few months. But when she’s offered a senior position in a German university, they both know something’s going to have to give. NOT MY FIELD is a story about grown up people learning to take risks, make compromises, and in the end, choose love. Due out VERY SOON INDEED.

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Sep 012014
Love In A Few Pages

A collection of some of my romance short stories. COMING SOON.

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Aug 172014

I liked this one a lot. Some of the answers are just guesses. A. Author You’ve Read The Most Books From: Agatha Christie, I think. B. Best Sequel Ever: I don’t know if it’s the best ever, but Bring Up The Bodies was an even more enjoyable read than Wolf Hall. C. Currently Reading: Betty Neels, Polly. D. Drink of Choice While Reading: Lady Grey tea. Or actually the very expensive and delicious Fortnums version, Countess Grey. E. E-Reader or Physical Books: Kindle. You will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. F. Fictional Character You Would [read more]

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Aug 162014

There is a truism among the self-publishing fraternity that the way to make money is to write a series of books, make the first one free, and watch the cash roll in. As a side note, this advice is useless to me, since I am congenitally incapable of writing series. But there is a problem with series in romance. A romance has to have a focus on the central relationship AND an emotionally satisfying ending, whether that’s Happy Ever After (HEA) or Happy For Now (HFN). So how do you write book 2, when you’ve already reached that ending in [read more]

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Aug 112014

I’ve been sorting through my office and I have several books I’d like to sell. I had a look at Amazon and the fees they charge are high! If they don’t sell here, I’ll maybe list them on ebay, but I thought I’d try cutting out the middle man first.  I haven’t read them all and I am not endorsing their content! I haven’t included p&p, but I’ll charge that at cost. Payment via Paypal, please.  May be open to offers, especially if you’re buying more than one book. If you’re interested in any of them please email me (use [read more]

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Aug 072014

Following a recent twitter convo, it occurred to me that this is a question which comes up again and again, and about which I have strong views. So here they are, helpfully gathered into one place in the hope that one day they may be useful to someone. Maybe you! First, know yourself. The best way to build an author website will depend, in large part, on who you are and what you want to do. If you have no interest in learning how to do it yourself, and have money to throw at it, then find yourself a good [read more]

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Jul 182014

I am not an expert in game theory but I have watched a lot of game shows. A few years ago, there was one on British TV which involved two strangers having to negotiate with each other before secretly selecting either to share or take all the money. If they both agreed to share the prize, they would do so. If one of them said they would share while the other said they’d take it all, the sharer would get nothing and the take it all person would take it all. If they both said they’d take it all, they’d [read more]

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