Jul 182014

I am not an expert in game theory but I have watched a lot of game shows. A few years ago, there was one on British TV which involved two strangers having to negotiate with each other before secretly selecting either to share or take all the money. If they both agreed to share the prize, they would do so. If one of them said they would share while the other said they’d take it all, the sharer would get nothing and the take it all person would take it all. If they both said they’d take it all, they’d [read more]

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Jul 162014

I read Courtney Milan’s latest book last night and this morning. I really, really liked it. One of the things I like about it is the way it ends. I’m not going to spoil it for you but I am going to say what I did on twitter earlier. I think Free epitomises the ‘undiminished heroine’. That is, she ends the book with more opportunities and choices than she had at the start. She has her man, yes, of course. She has love, deep and fierce and real. She’s had to make choices and compromises. But when Edward says to [read more]

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Jul 142014
Category, continuity and familiarity

At the RNA conference I talked to several authors who write for the Harlequin Kiss/M&B Modern Tempted line. Or at least, authors who used to write for that line, since it’s being pulled. It’s had a chequered history, further complicated by the way it’s been marketed differently in different geographical markets. In a twitter discussion earlier, I wondered where writers like Kelly Hunter would now find their niche and several people said that her books used to be published as Presents/Modern. I was surprised by that, so I did a little googling. I think her career is illustrative of the [read more]

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Jul 122014

Up with the lark and over to the college in good time for my editor appointment. I re-read my chapter and synopsis and made some notes of things I thought I might want to emphasise that didn’t really come out in the synopsis. And tried not to panic. Reader, I babbled. I babbled about cows and piglets. I babbled about my previous publishing career. I babbled about the book. Eventually I remembered to stop talking and let her say something. She said she liked it! She liked my writing. She thought it was exciting and hooked her from the first [read more]

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Jul 112014
RNA Conference

Is happening. Today, tomorrow and Sunday. I am only going today and tomorrow and, since it is happening half an hour away from where I live, I am going as a day visitor. I write this from the comfort of my own home at the end of the first day. It’s being held at the agricultural college where my brother was a student, many years ago, and which is now calling itself a university. I mean, it is a university and they are allowed to call themselves that, but it is still basically an agricultural college. I spent some happy [read more]

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Jul 072014

I said on twitter a couple of days ago that I’m enjoying my BFB read so much it almost feels like cheating. After reading Wolf Hall in the spring, Bring Up The Bodies is wonderfully familiar and I am lapping it up. It’s not just knowing the characters and the setting (and indeed many of the events, since this is historical fiction). It’s also feeling comfortable with Mantel’s prose. These books are very different from my normal genre fare and it did take quite a lot of perseverance a the beginning of Wolf Hall. Miss Bates is reading Wolf Hall [read more]

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Jun 292014

Facebook have a terrible history of over-riding privacy settings, of manipulating news feeds, of treating their users as commodities. Fine. That’s the price you pay for using their product. I don’t like it, but I get it. Up until now, that’s been a price I’ve been prepared to pay because I like what Facebook does for me. It’s the best way I know of maintaining long-distance friendships. I like the way that Facebook allows you to share the everyday, the mundane, the details that make up lives. To me, those things are at least as important for friendship as the [read more]

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Jun 292014
Summer Big Fat Book Readalong

Back in March, Sunita and Keishon planned to read big books from their TBR pile and invited others to join them. I loved the challenge and took it as an opportunity to pick up and read a book that I had started and laid aside several years earlier, Hilary Mantel’s wonderful Wolf Hall. I liked the accountability and fun of reading alongside others. And I liked having the deadline to aim for. I read a lot of shorter fiction, these days, and I don’t read much non-genre fiction either. Big books can feel burdensome when you’re used to finishing things [read more]

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Jun 052014
What's on my Kindle: cruise edition

I have been reading. A lot. Some great books and some not-so-great. Here’s the rundown: Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry Fun, sweet contemporary romance with real emotional depth. I like Mayberry Superromances a lot and this was a good one. What A Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter I’m not sure I really believed the conflict in this one, but Hunter’s writing is always fun. It’s the second of the Montana Brides books I’ve read and while I enjoyed both, they didn’t make me rush out to get the others. Her Client From Hell by Louisa George Hmm. I [read more]

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Jun 042014
Occupational Hazard

The box set went live on Monday and we are already in the top 100 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. YAY! Thanks so much if you’ve bought it. It’s really exciting to see it climbing up the charts. There are a number of different reasons for doing a box set like this. For me, by far, the biggest motivation is the potential for finding new readers. We’ve sold several thousand copies already and that means several thousand people who now have a copy of one of my books on their ereader. Most of those have probably never read one [read more]

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