Nov 122014
Knitsonik stranded colourwork project

I heard about the Knitsonik book ages ago, but I was a bit wary of it. I’d never really understood Felicity Ford’s connection between knitting and sound, and I wasn’t at all sure I needed a book of stranded colourwork patterns based on bricks or leaves or whatever. But now that it’s out and after I’d read a couple of reviews of it, I realised that this wasn’t quite the book I’d imagined. So I ordered it, and I’m so glad I did! It’s a bit shorter than I’d imagined, but the pages are beautifully printed and the images are [read more]

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Nov 092014
An Offer She Can't Refuse: complete

The final part of the Regency romance serial went live today. Buy or borrow all four parts at Amazon US/Amazon UK. Because this experiment has gone so well, I’m planning another one! Lady Selina’s Season will also be a Regency romance serial, in three parts. I’m aiming to publish it in December. I’ll let you know how that goes! Also, I should let you know that if you downloaded part 1 of An Offer She Can’t Refuse before Nov 7th, there is now an updated version which has the Battle of Waterloo coming at the right time after the Congress [read more]

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Nov 012014
Bonfire Night Book Bonanza

Here’s a quick plug for my newsletter. Sign up here! You’ll get all the news straight to your email. I don’t send out chatty newsletters full of holiday photos. It’s straight up book releases, and this month’s is a doozy. You can read it here to get an idea of what you’re missing! What you’re missing this time is FREE BOOKS!!! Let me say that again even louder: FREE BOOKS!!! To celebrate the publication of my latest short romance, Bonfire Night, I’m having a FREE BOOK BONANZA! These titles are all completely FREE from now until Bonfire Night (5th November)! [read more]

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Nov 012014
An Offer She Can't Refuse

Unconscious. Bleeding. And wearing the scarlet and gold coat of her husband’s regiment. Of course Laura must take the man into her house and tend to his wounds. But when he leaves only a scribbled thank you on the corner of a five pound note, she thinks she’ll never see the unknown soldier again… An Offer She Can’t Refuse is a Regency romance serial, told in four parts. Parts of this story were originally published on my long-defunct online writing journal. It’s been substantially edited, expanded and completed for publication. But since it was originally written and published in serial [read more]

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Nov 012014
happy endings (beginnings, middles)

From the heady, delicious moments of first falling in love, to the cautious optimism of love reunited, this collection of four short stories celebrates all our happy endings, beginnings and middles. This anthology is available digitally and in paperback. Island Fling Seven years of separation. One night to reconnect. Years ago, Andrew and Maggie tumbled into love too hard and too fast. One harsh collision with reality shattered everything between them. But now they’re older – and maybe a little bit wiser – is there a way to make peace in the tranquility of a remote Scottish island? Or is [read more]

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Nov 012014
Bonfire Night

Every year, the allotment society hold a Bonfire Night party: food, fireworks and fun for all the family. Holly always goes with her grandfather, only this year he’s stuck in a care home and she’s been looking after his allotment for months. Greg and his kids have only just taken over their plot, but the Bonfire Night party should be a great way to get to know some of the other gardeners. Including the cute girl who spends all her Saturdays working at the allotment just along from Greg’s. There’s only one thing that’s guaranteed: there are going to be [read more]

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Oct 302014
Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot. What better thing to do on a dark, cold autumn night than light a huge bonfire and set off fireworks? It’s a fabulous celebration. I have very happy memories of Bonfire Nights when I was a child, waving a sparkler, excited beyond measure at seeing it write my name in the air. We’d go home afterwards for hot chocolate and cheesy baked potatoes. Lots of fun. But it didn’t originate just as a fun thing to cheer up a [read more]

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Oct 092014
Technology woes and a new title

Everything has broken. Well, okay, not quite everything. My Kindle is old and slow with a cracked case, but I can still read things on it so long as I give it time to find them first. My phone is working, yay! My netbook has the screen hanging off by one hinge. After the other hinge broke, the keyboard stopped working and then the wireless adapter stopped working. It had been waiting for a trip to the Tip Of Doom. Until yesterday when my main work laptop died. Utterly, completely died. No lights, no sound, no action. You may imagine [read more]

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Sep 272014
Yarny Yarn Yarndale!

I have just got back from a very mini mini-break. This involved a lovely spa day yesterday (lovely except for the two women who insisted on having loud conversations in the Quiet Room with Serenity Pool. My irritation at their noisiness adversely affected my serenity.) And then I stayed at a B&B last night and treated myself to dinner at an Indian restaurant (yum, yum, yum). Breakfast this morning was possibly the worst cooked breakfast I have ever had. And my expectations had been so high that it really was a huge disappointment. But I soon got over it because [read more]

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Sep 112014

In a discussion about romance novel covers last week, someone asked why they couldn’t have beautiful covers like some of the ones on this page. I pointed out the need for the covers to carry the right genre signals and to be affordable. But then I thought, why not? So here are some possible new covers for a couple of my books: And here’s one that I actually think I might use: It’s for the anthology of short stories I’m planning to publish later this month. I thought I might try putting it out in two different editions – the [read more]

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