Apr 132014

Another little short story from the archives. Short, sweet, romantic. Kerry-Anna cast a practiced eye over the small heap on the conveyor belt. She didn’t need to look at the customer to know that the frozen lasagne for one, the bottle of cheap white wine and the expensive tub of cookie dough ice cream belonged to a thirty-something woman with hair all done up and make-up like the Queen. Kerry-Anna didn’t know where they’d all got this idea that they’d meet their future husbands at the checkout queue but she certainly recognised the desperate type when she saw it. Kerry-Anna [read more]

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Apr 102014
What's on my kindle and a call for recommendations

Here’s what I’ve been reading in the last few weeks: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel I finished! On April 1st, which was not too bad at all, considering how busy March was for me. It was an absolute joy to read. Mantel is a master of characterisation and has incredible skill with her prose. I most appreciated the unexpected, fierce flashes of humour that lit up the book every so often. I will be downloading Bringing Up The Bodies very soon indeed. I am a complete convert to e-reading for large books like this. Easier to carry around, easier to [read more]

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Apr 072014
From holiday to story

Last summer some lovely friends took me with them on their family holiday to Scotland. From the first day as we drove up through the mountains and past the lochs, I knew I wanted to write a story set in the Highlands. I thought it was going to be about a male artist and a female gallery owner. Where we stayed: Not really. That’s Eilean Donan Castle and it is stunning. Really well worth a visit even on a sunny August day when it is full of tourists. There was a lovely lady doing spinning demonstrations who let me have [read more]

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Apr 022014

… thanks to everyone who bought one of Jackie Barbosa’s books last week. I hope you enjoy them! And thanks to for everyone who didn’t want the prize – I should have guessed what you’d all say. So I have added the extra to my donation to the memorial fund.

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Apr 012014

Pilate’s Wife Firstly, his hands – a woman’s. Softer then mine, with pearly nails, like shells from Galilee. Indolent hands. Camp hands that clapped from grapes. Their pale, mothy touch made me flinch. Pontius. I longed for Rome, home, someone else. When the Nazarene entered Jerusalem, my maid and I crept out, bored stiff, disguised, and joined the frenzied crowd. I tripped, clutched the bridle of an ass, looked up and there he was. His face? Ugly. Talented. He looked at me. I mean he looked at me. My God. His eyes were eyes to die for. Then he was [read more]

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Mar 272014

I sent out my first proper newsletter today. Now I feel like a grown up author. If you’re not on the list you can read the newsletter here. It includes a sneaky peek at the cover for An Unsuitable Husband featuring the sexy French footballer. Without a shirt. If you’d like to be on the list for future mailings, you can sign up using the form in the sidebar. I’m only planning to send newsletters when I have new books out, so it won’t be often and I absolutely won’t be passing on your email addresses to anyone else for [read more]

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Mar 272014
Island Fling

Seven years of separation. One night to reconnect. Years ago, Andrew and Maggie tumbled into love too hard and too fast until one harsh collision with reality shattered everything between them. But now they’re older – and maybe a little bit wiser – is there a way for them to make peace in the tranquility of a remote Scottish island? Or is this one night fling just a way to finally say goodbye? Island Fling is a 10,000 word short story. Excerpt The brown paper was creased and a little torn at the corners, revealing the layers of bubble wrap [read more]

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Mar 242014
Don't buy my books

Not this week, anyway. This week I want you to buy someone else’s books. Friend, and fellow Entangled author, Jackie Barbosa had the worst news imaginable last week. Her teenage son died in a car crash on the way to school. The family have set up a memorial fund in his name, to be used as a scholarship fund. You can donate to it here. Jackie has more important things to be doing right now than promoting her books, which is why Beverley Kendall and Courtney Milan are co-ordinating responses from bloggers, authors, reviewers and anyone else who wants to [read more]

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Mar 182014

I have been irritated in several of my reading choices lately. These are good books, written by better authors than me. And yet, they are full of mistakes that drive me crazy. Not typos. I’ll forgive anyone a typo or five. Too many gets annoying, but in a work of many thousands of words I don’t think it’s all that surprising that a slip of the fingers happens and, even with good proofreading, can slip through. No, I’m talking about actual mistakes. Here’s the difference (in my mind): a typo is an error of the fingers, a mistake is an [read more]

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Mar 142014

Another short story from the archives. This one is romance, though the ending is more HFN than HEA. Paradise. That’s what the brochures had all said – the small island off the coast of Thailand was a couples’ paradise. The perfect place to rekindle the spark of romance in any relationship. Honeymooners still overwhelmed with the first flush of passion wandered hand in hand along the bright white beaches, eyes fixed on each other so that they hardly saw anything of the amazing landscape. Established couples came for an escape from everyday life. In the tranquil beauty of the tropical [read more]

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